Domestic Violence Initiative

Our Domestic Violence Initiative (DVI) provides comprehensive support to women survivors of domestic violence and their children. The mothers are given access to the resources they need in order to build strong, economically independent families, empowering them to make significant and lasting changes in their lives and those of their children. 


In 2014, we launched The Harry and Carol Goodman Transformation2 Program in collaboration with Sanctuary for Families, one of our partner agencies. By combining our strengths with Sanctuary, we can help more families achieve these goals over a shorter, more concentrated program period.

Sanctuary sponsors these women and puts them through their successful 4 month Economic Empowerment Program, where they learn basic 21st century skills needed to get a job. For an additional 11 months, we become their sponsor and help them focus on professional development in fields they are interested in and have the potential to be successful. Of Home, Family and Future solely funds and manages the grants during that period. We enable these working mothers to gain a more advanced entry point in a career which can lead to real economic independence. In addition to skills training, we provide these mothers the “extra” support needed to allow the transformation including: cell phones, computers, budgeting, credit counseling, and stipends for child care.

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