Domestic Violence Initiative

Reaching Economic Independence: The Transformation Squared Program

Our Transformation Squared Program serves women in NYC who have survived domestic violence and have children under the age of 21. At OHFF, we focus on providing professional development to enable these working mothers to re-enter the workforce and upgrade their employment to earn a livable wage. The goal is to build stable, economically viable families, breaking the abuse cycle.

Equipped to Succeed

Each mother is equipped with a computer and grants in real-time for things such as public transportation, professional attire, course materials, childcare, housing transition assistance (e.g. leaving a shelter and settling into an apartment) and needs specific to her family.

A Powerful Partnership

Our program is run in partnership with Sanctuary for Families. Sanctuary puts our program participants through a 4-month Economic Empowerment Program prior to joining Transformation Squared, where they learn basic job skills. That includes TABE proficiency work (a diagnostic exam used to test a person’s skills in Reading, English and Math and securing professional certifications for administrative positions.

On the Right Career Path

OHFF provides grants for additional career track occupational training in areas like Electronic Health Records, Pharmacy Tech and IT Support. We then help our participants gain work experience and job networking opportunities by funding 12-week internships with career track employers.

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