Educational Mentoring Program

Our Educational Mentoring Program (EMP) helps students from the foster care system achieve their goal of completing college. Many of these students drop out of college because they don’t feel comfortable in their environment, not because they’re intellectually unable to do the work.

EMP focuses on students who possess the strength of character and intellectual tools to break the cycle of poverty, drugs, and despair, but are often lost to society due to lack of appropriate support. In cooperation with partner agencies, this program provides vital support to enable these students to become college graduates and contributors to society.


Mentors are absolutely vital to EMP!

Each student is paired with an adult who volunteers to establish and maintain a consistent, caring relationship with the student and remain with that student for up to 5 years, as long as the student remains in college. The mentor helps the student to understand the college environment, offers emotional support, and provides guidance on school and personal issues as well as spending decisions. The mentor works closely with us and our partner agencies. We are always looking for qualified mentors. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a mentor, please contact us.