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Of Home, Family & Future

Of Home, Family and Future is a 501(c)(3) organization formed to offer a different kind of assistance to domestic violence survivors and college-bound foster care youth.
We’re Here to Help.
We know that for people with the desire to succeed, providing comprehensive support can create lasting change. That’s why we’ve developed our Educational Mentoring Program and Transformation Squared Program. Your support helps us make a difference in their lives.

Educational Mentoring Program

The reality is only 2-11% of foster kids earn a bachelor’s degree. At 21, they age out of the system and many of them face college without financial or emotional help. We step in to provide well-rounded support so they can graduate and look forward to bright, productive futures.

Transformation Squared Program

10 million children witness domestic violence annually. Many women who experience this abuse don’t report it and have difficulty moving on. Our Transformation Squared Program provides comprehensive support so they can build stable and economically viable families.