Recipient Testimonials

I never stopped fighting for a better future for me and my kids

It was such a pleasure getting to know every one of you, the help and support that your organization has done not only for me but also my two amazing kids has make a great impact in our lives.
My daughter feels so proud of me, that even for the bad circumstances in life, I show her that outside is people that is willing to help you if you truly open your heart to hear, all the beautiful things that one as a person who has gone through a DV situation, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, having this individuals working with you on how to manage your finances, on how to create a monthly budget and see what you are doing wrong. I learned from this not to spend my money on eating out almost every day. The monthly helped me to save some money which sometimes allowed at the end of the month to treat my kids with something very nice.
I was giving the opportunity to build more my resume as I took an Advanced Excel class which makes me more valuable in the job market, not only that since I am on the healthcare field and being bilingual the classes I took at la Guardia Community College is also a big plus since soon I will become Certified as a Healthcare Interpreter.
I am so grateful to get to know such individuals from OHFF, that with their tough love, they really guide you on the right path, is amazing how much faith they put in you, that on every face to face meeting you came out feel with fear but at the same time with eagerness to conquer this world.
Your support and generosity to help DV families is a breakthrough that will help families to improve their life’s and their children’s future as well. It was a pleasure being part of your organization, and I hope that you will always remember me for my charismatic personality, that even in my darkest moment, I never stopped fighting for a better future for me and my kids, because you all always believe in me!

I was given a new lease on life

OHFF was a significant part of my rescue from a very difficult and challenging existence. I was at a point where I knew that I needed something to give me reason to hope once again, as my confidence and self-worth were dangerously low. As a victim of domestic abuse who had escaped into a very unknown and unfamiliar world, with no job nor money of my own, and with a bleak prospect of accessing either, being introduced to OHFF was a life saver. I was given a new lease of life! I received advice and the opportunity to study Pharmacy Tech at CUNY. This in itself, at that point would have been an impossible task to do or maintain. Therefore, the stipend I was given on top of the sponsorship and constant metro card for transportation for the duration of the course, were necessary extras on what was at one point seemingly impossible. Being given the finances and offer to study by OHFF catapulted my journey and that of my 2 children out of a direct road to poverty and put me back on the road to health, hope and a lot more. I will ALWAYS be grateful for the opportunity. Thank you Rob and Nancy.

It turned out to be something greater than I ever imagined

The best thing that came from my involvement with Nancy and Rob did not have to do with finances. The idea of a mentor for me was very different than what they provided. In my placement, mentors were faceless individuals of wealth who would come around sparingly to go out for a meal. Nancy and Rob were committed individuals who were dedicated to me and my needs and gave me the most valuable commitment anyone has ever given me…their time. It’s irreplaceable. I cannot thank them enough for their commitment and what they are striving to achieve with the charity.


Because of OHFF I was able to pick up the pieces

After enduring the hardship of domestic violence, my family and I were scarred and scared. It was a difficult journey with many challenges and struggles, but without OHFF my life would not be the same. My daughter is now doing well as a college freshman. My son is adjusting and advancing well in school, where he enjoys activities like wrestling and playing the violin. As for me, I am growing rapidly in a successful company and reaching for my goals.


Volunteer Testimonials

We recommend this to those that want to make a difference

Not knowing what to expect, we started mentoring at OHFF five years ago. Little did we know that it would be such a rewarding experience! Our mentee has grown so much in these few years–both socially and educationally. He’s become a wonderful and very responsible young man and accomplished things that have even surprised him! Having already received an Associates degree, he is now on track to receive his BS degree in May 2012. We recommend this journey to anyone who truly cares about making the difference in a life that needs your guidance and support.

Marlene & Steve Y.

Such a great cause

As a volunteer for Of Home, Family and Future, I am proud to say that it has been a pleasure working for such a great cause. I get so much satisfaction knowing that the individuals in the programs are being helped to change their lifestyle permanently. The growth that I’ve witnessed has been dramatic and very touching. Both the women of the Domestic Violence Initiative and the students in the Educational Mentoring Program have benefited enormously from this program. It feels amazing to be part of something small but groundbreaking.

Victoria V.

Truly unique

I lost a friend to domestic violence many years ago. One reason she didn’t leave with her young daughter was because she couldn’t figure out how to bridge that period after leaving the shelter and before achieving financial independence. I began volunteering with OHFF because they were the only organization I saw bridging that gap successfully. I know of no other programs in NY that offer their participants grants for as broad an array of services for as long a period as OHFF does.

Monica C. (Board Member)