Press Articles

More than a Mentor

Many successful people credit a mentor for helping them achieve success in their careers. For young people, a mentor not only provides friendship and guidance, but invaluable support during their transition to adulthood.See More

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal features Of Home, Family, and Future in their Donor of the Day Column: “Robert and Nancy Schulman make no niceties: They reward progress, not need.”See More

Getting Your Money’s Worth NYC

Judith West discusses the story of OHFF with the Schulmans on the cable television show: Getting Your Money’s Worth. “The Schulmans have made a place for themselves helping women and children who were victims of domestic abuse. Their help is immediate: housing, friendships, childcare, tuition, counseling — not one dollar for administrative costs and not one penny of government money.See More

NYU Today

“Several years ago, Rob and Nancy Schulman began tutoring an academically gifted foster child who lived in a residential treatment facility. The couple saw that the young man had the talent and the desire to succeed, but they feared he could not successfully manage the difficult transition to college without any familial or emotional support…” See More

PCTV, The Listening Place

PCTV’s “The Listening Place” interviews the Schulmans and Akeem Oliver, a graduate of the Educational Mentoring Program, on the topic of mentoring. See More

Human League Production

Human League Production interviews Nancy and Robert Schulman with Akeem Oliver, a graduate of the Educational Mentoring Program. “Akeem Oliver [...] became a teacher, despite obstacles, when Bob and Nancy Schulmann discovered his talent and need for help.”See More

New York Foundling

When Nancy and Robert Schulman founded Of Home, Family and Future in 2004, it was the fulfillment of a philanthropic dream. And now the Schulmans are helping two of our young adults to realize their dreams of a college education” says New York Foundling in their Winter 2011 newsletter. See More


One year ago, Rob and Nancy Schulman called up Sanctuary for Families and offered something that seemed too good to be true. “We think we can make a transformative difference in your clients’ lives,” they shared with Sanctuary’s Executive Director, Laurel Eisner.See More