At 21, foster kids age out of the system and face college without any money or support. We're here to help. The Domestic Violence Initiative aims to provide comprehensive support to working women survivors of domestic violence and their children 10 million children witness domestic violence annually. We help survivors build stable families so that their children can lead a brighter future.

Of Home, Family and Future is a non-profit organization formed to offer a different kind of assistance to domestic violence survivors and college-bound foster care youth. We know that for people with the desire to succeed, providing long-term, comprehensive support can help create lasting change.

Educational Mentoring Program

Only 2% of foster kids have earned a bachelor’s degree. When these kids turn 21, they no longer receive foster care and many may turn to drugs, violence, and suffer from poverty. Our Educational Mentoring Program is here to provide well-rounded support so they can graduate and look forward to bright, productive futures. Read More

Domestic Violence Initiative
10,000,000 children witness domestic violence annually. Many of the women who experience this abuse don’t report it, don’t know how to deal with it and have difficulty moving on. Our Domestic Violence Initiative is here to provide comprehensive support so that they can build stable and economically viable families. Read More

100%of public donations go directly to domestic violence survivors and young people from the foster care system. All operating costs are covered by unrestricted grant so that every dollar you give can go to people in need.  See the different ways to give.